Installing Cygwin 1.7

I have finally decided to install Cygwin 1.7. The main goal is to try gcc 4 and gfortran. There were no major changes in the installation process

This version of Cygwin is installed by default in a new directory (c:\cygwin1.7), so it can coexist with the previous version.

The only small problem was to remember the name of packages that should be installed. I use some tools that are not installed by default and each time I have to remember what they are. I document it below:

  • Archive: unzip and zip
  • Devel: gcc4-g++, gcc4-gfortran, and make
  • Net: curl, inetutils(ftp), openssh, rsync, whois
  • Shells: tcsh
  • Web: curl, wget

Finally I have made changes to the Cygwin shortcut to run it as follows:

  • Optionen: Turn on QuickEdit-Modus
  • Schriftart: Lucida Console 18
  • Layout: Fensterpuffergröße 80×3000, Fenstergröße 80×50
  • Farben: Fenstertext Blau, Fensterhintergrund Weiß

To start tsch, I edit cygwin.bat (tcsh -l), to change the home directory etc/passwd.

To install X Windows choose xinit under X11. To start use startxwin under Cygwin.

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