Mathematica is evil

In the discussion “Can we compute an answer to every question?” (Group Applied Mathematics on LinkedIn, you have to be a member of the group to view it)

Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso has started blaming Stephen Wolfram that he does not disclose the Mathematica code. Jordi has offered to this end his writing

Mathematica and Free Software

I have decided to look what are the reasons that he so hates Mathematica. Well, the only reason happened to be that one must pay for Mathematica.  In other worlds, the bad capitalist Wolfram has made his money by selling Mathematica to poor students who did not want to write software by themselves, and this is very very bad. Wolfram no doubt must be prosecuted and sentenced to Gulag, at least the world should be ashamed that such people as Wolfram exist. Funny.

A question that Jordi has forgotten to consider is where money comes from. I used to have a luxury of living in the Soviet Union. If Wolfram were in Soviet Union, then the dreams of Jordi were true. At that time everything belonged to the State and private companies were forbidden. Strangely enough there is no scientific software from the Soviet Union times that people could use.

I believe that the solution is quite simple. People who do not like commercial software just should not use it. What is the problem? On the other hand, when one makes statements like “egotistical megalomania of Stephen Wolfram”, “Mathematica is unscientific”, etc. and at the same time pretends to be a mathematician, he must present better scientific proofs of his statements. Emotions alone are not enough.

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