MUMPS Users Meeting

I have recently been to the MUMPS Users Meeting. The program as well as the presentations are available at

I should say that I am using MUMPS already for several years and this is the primary solver now in my software. The advantage in respect to TAUCS is that MUMPS support all kind of matrices: symmetric positive definite, symmetric indefinite and unsymmetric. The advantage in respect to UMFPACK is that MUMPS supports METIS. By the way, there was a talk about SCOTCH reordering. It would be interesting to try it.

In my work on Windows, I use Intel Fortran and it is also not that difficult to compile MUMPS with it

Then it is easy to use the libraries with MS Visual C. On my site there is an example on how to call MUMPS from C++

Now am trying other options to compile MUMPS on Windows. See MUMPS category on my blog.

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