Generating Scalable and Modular Macromodels for Microchannels Using the Galerkin-Based Technique

The text is written in November 2008 for the group.

I have read the paper

Y.-J. Yang* and Chi-Wei Kuo “Generating Scalable and Modular Macromodels for Microchannels using the Galerkin-based Technique”, IEEE Transaction on CAD (2008) Vol. 27, No. 9, pp. 1545-1554

The paper describes a new way to generate a microfluidic macromodel – the original model is from fluid dynamics and thus nonlinear. The authors have applied the proper orthogonal decomposition to generate a low dimensional basis and then projected the Navier-Stokes equations on it. In the paper there is an interesting example of how such an approach can be efficiently employed in microfluidics. Also it happened that the macromodel to some extent could be reuse when it is necessary to change the geometry at the macromodel level.

I have found the paper quite interesting. It shows that nonlinear model reduction is possible, at least in this case. Well, in my view the question still remains on how to make it completely automatic.

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