Updating the PDO plugin in WordPress

I have installed WordPress through the service from my provider and it was already with the PDO plugin to enable sqlite. Well, after WordPress have been updated automatically up to 2.9.2 there were some small problems with the PDO 2.6.1 as it has not been upgrated automaticall. Below is what I have done to update the PDO up to 2.7.0.

First I have installed the PDO 2.7.0 through the plugins panel. However, the activation of the plugin does not work through the panel. it is necessary to do it manually on the web-server directly.

I am in the wp-content directory:

[.../wp-content]$ ls
database index.php pdo themes uploads
db.php languages plugins upgrade

Backing up the previous version of PDO

[.../wp-content]$ cp pdo pdo.bak
[.../wp-content]$ cp db.php db.php.bak

Coping files from the new version

[.../wp-content]$ cp plugins/pdo-for-wordpress /db.php .
[.../wp-content]$ cp -r plugins/pdo-for-wordpress/pdo .

Coping the database, as its name has been changed in 2.7.0

[…/wp-content]$ cp database/db.sqlite database/MyBlog.sqlite

That’s it. Now the new version of PDO is working and it seems to be okay. What is also new is the file debug.txt in the database directory.

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