Ambient Information Society

I have seen the next announcement on the alife-announce list (see

In the future ambient information society, not only can a user obtain information in a flexible manner as in the ubiquitous information society, but also the information systems autonomously provide desired information to the user and control the environmental conditions according to the context of the user, e.g. time, place, occasion, and personal preferences. To realize the ambient information society beyond simply extending conventional IT, new innovative technologies are required to tackle the expected challenges, such as inference of user’s desires, recognition of environmental conditions, adaptation of ambient systems, and provisioning of information to users. The new technologies also need to be scalable, adaptive, reliable, and robust. Biologically inspired approaches are promising in building such technologies by opening up an interdisciplinary way of thinking and working.

Somehow it scares me. Do I want that the environment will adjust itself automatically according to my wishes? Well, it is a big question if I know what I wish. Presumably the environment will talk directly with my unconscious mind and then reveal what I actually want. It is really scaring. Or I am getting too old?

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