conscious experience vs. quarks and electrons

The group Everything List is devoted to discussion of the mind-body problem. There was some interesting discussion about this recently What’s wrong with this?

A copy of my message where I have used a citation from Christian De Duve, Vital Dust there is below. For answers please follow the link above.

on 07.09.2010 05:11 Rex Allen said the following:
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> wrote:
>> On 9/6/2010 6:45 PM, Rex Allen wrote:

> Put a different way:
> According to physicalism conscious experience supervenes on quarks
> and electrons. Quarks and electrons do not supervene on conscious experience.

I have just read Vital Dust, The Origin and Evolution of Life on Earth by Christian de Duve. One citation from the chapter The Future of Life (p. 271).

“We have reached a crucial state in the history of life. The face of the Earth has changed dramatically in the last few thousand years, a mere instant in evolution time, and it is changing ever faster. What would have taken one thousands generations in the past may now happen in a single generation. Biological evolution is on a runaway course toward severe instability.

In a way, our time recalls one of those major breaks in evolution signaled by massive extinctions. But there is a difference. The cause of instability is not the impact of a large asteroid or some other uncontrollable event. The perturbation is from life itself acting through a species of its own creation, an immensely successful species filling every corner of the planet with continually growing throngs, increasingly subjugating and exploiting the world. For the first time, also, in the history of life, natural selection has been replaced, be it only partly, by willful intervention on the part of a member of the bioshperic community. The facts are before us clear and unmistakable. Everybody can read the message and draw the obvious conclusions.”

This means that conscious experience at least changes the movements of quarks and electrons.

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