Intelligence and Nomologicalism

On the Everything list there was a nice text by Rex Allen

where two options have been considered:

  • What is the significance of intelligence in a universe with deterministic laws?
  • What about the significance of intelligence in a universe with probabilistic laws?

According to

Nomologicalism=df An adequate scientific explanation must be law-based (universal-driven).

Well, this is the only definition that I have found in Google. I have asked on the list:

What would be the consequence of the nomologicalism for a person that would like to earn some more money? Well, let us not consider the case when one successfully sells the text about nomologicalism.

The answer from Rex Allen was not that inspiring

Hmmmmm.  Well, I’d say the consequence is that whether you earn more
money in the future is a function of the universe’s initial conditions
and (possibly probabilistic) causal laws.

Either things will go your way, or they won’t.  To the extent that it
isn’t predetermined, it’s random.

Bottom line:  At the end of the day, the day is over.

I guess that I do not like nomologicalism, although the word by itself looks good. It might be good to learn it to impress somebody.

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