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Bruno explains the abbreviations and give a short overview of this theory.

Comp is just an abbreviation of computationalism. It is synonymous with CTM, DM (digital mechanism), or simply here Mechanism, MEC, …)  etc.

UD is the english for the french DU. Sorry for that typo. I use UD* for the infinite trace of the UD.
MGA is the movie graph argument (same consequences as Maudlin’s argument).
UDA = Universal Dovetailer Argument.

By Aristotle, I mean (to simplify) the idea that physical reality is primary, or that physics is the fundamental science.
By Plato, I mean (to simplify again) the idea that physical reality is the border, or the shadow, or the projection, or the creation, of a non physical vaster reality (be it mathematical, theological, computer science theoretical, arithmetical …).

MGA is the movie graph argument, first published in 1988. See my URL for the exact references.
UDA is the Universal Dovetailer Argument, first published in 1991.

The main part of the work is AUDA (Arithmetical Universal Dovetailer Argument). It is an abstract, but arithmetically concrete, version of the UDA that universal machine finds by themselves when looking inward.

The eighth step, more or less equivalent (and older) than Maudlin  shows directly the incompatibility between weak materialism (MAT) (MAT  = the doctrine that there is a primary physical universe, or  epistemologically, the doctrine that physics is the fundamental  science) and mechanism (MEC, comp, CTM, …).

Maudlin’s starts from MAT. I start from MEC. This explains the  difference of wording. But both Maudlin and me show, essentially, the  incompatibility between MAT and MEC.

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