Dan Dennett on our consciousness


It’s very hard to change people’s minds about something like consciousness, and I finally figured out the reason for that. The reason for that is that everybody’s an expert on consciousness.

And so what I’m going to try to do today is to shake your confidence. Because I know the feeling — I can feel it myself. I want to shake your confidence that you know your own innermost minds — that you are, yourselves, authoritative about your own consciousness. That’s the order of the day here.

Harvard Medical School once — I was at a talk — director of the lab said, “In our lab, we have a saying. If you work on one neuron, that’s neuroscience. If you work on two neurons, that’s psychology.”

Most part of the lecture he demonstrates that our brain reconstruct visual world that we see around us. The question is who sees that reconstruction remains however open.

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