Animal consciousness and self-consciousness

There were two links to nice videos on the everything-list. First from Brent

Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday

Second from David Nyman (with smiley)

Not The Nine O’Clock News – Gerald the gorilla

Comments to videos.

Bruno Marchal

Hard to really conclude from one video, but it is still very interesting. I forward it on the FOR list where some people argue that non human animals are not conscious. This video illustrates that some non-human mammals might even be *self-conscious*, and thus probably “Löbian”.
Next step: we should give some salvia to the gorilla, so that he could begin to doubt the “body-picture” argument for their own end, because, in that video, the gorilla might just have been brainwashed to take its end for granted, from some (third person) pictures. This shows how much self-consciousness can delude us and makes us confusing first person views and third person descriptions. Of course such an illusion/confusion are reasonable from a darwinian short term struggle of life perspective.
The more you have neurons, the more you *can* be deluded, and ‘nature” exploits that fact.

Stephen Paul King

Umm, both of those videos are JOKES! I guess we are considering that an important facet of self-awareness is self-delusion

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