Hawking & Mlodinow: patch-work set of theories of the world

On the everything list Brent has mentioned that

I note that Hawking and Mlodinow recently suggested that we might accept a kind of patch-work set of theories of the world, rather than insisting on a single coherent theory.

Then he has made a link to the review of a new book: Hawking & Mlodinow: No ‘theory of everything’, where there are some more detail. A quote from there.

“In our view, there is no picture or theory-independent concept of reality. Instead we adopt a view that we call model – dependent realism: the idea that a physical theory or world is a model (generally of a mathematical nature) and a set of rules that connect the elements of the model to observations. According to model – dependent realism, it is pointless to ask whether a model is real, only whether it agrees with observation. If two models agree with observation, neither model can be considered more real than the other. A person can use whichever model is more convenient in the situation under consideration.”

In my view this is consistent with what what I have written in End of Reductionism? It would be good to read the new book of Hawking and Mlodinow. I would say that this is different from what Hawking used to say earlier.


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  1. Sounds like Kant 2.0.

  2. It seems that philosophy education is not that good among physicists but eventually they find their own way to similar ideas.