Should Math Be Taught In Schools?

Brent has posted a link to a nice video:

See also a short discussion after that

The video is a parady on the Miss USA 2011 Interviews – Should Evolution Be Taught in Schools. Yet, it is very well done and, I guess, it shows well the attidude of the society to mathematics.

In the discussion, I like the answer of John Mikes:

However… I wouyld start for re-thinking *’education’* from the US (and spreading) content: to *TEACH* stuff. A school has more duty than that. It should ‘teach’ the essence (a boiled down view with some content) of our culture (what is “our”?) and some necessary ways to calculate. We should ‘teach’ how to think (do we have teachers for that?) and the ‘original’ sense of intelligence (inter-lego Lat = to read betseen the exact lines, to understand what is said and what is hidden). We should ‘teach’ (educate?) a profound humanE moral/ethical idea of more ‘patriotism’ than just our own tribal interests – as members of the global community. We should teach languages, organized and tonal music, sports for FUN and health, and – above all: ways to enjoy a lifestyle that is societally and environmentally advantageous for all. We also should ‘teach’ our past cultural products – you mentioned Shakespeare – with criticism of historical and literary readings universally including the advancement toward the present positions. The conventional sciences belong to our culture and should not be neglected. This is a pretty involved program and I have no advice how to implement it. I am no teacher. There must be a good compromise how to ‘teach’ while ‘educate’.

Specialized schooling can start after the above qualities have been achieved. Technicians and mathematicians can be developed as well as scientists in all facets.

Politics must be understood in a totally different way from how it is practiced today if we want humanity to survive.

This week in Die Zeit there were a paper with similar ideas:

Das will ich nicht wissen by Christoph Drösser

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