Self-driving cars

A message to the everything-list.

I have attended a class

Introduction to AI

and there are two interesting videos from it about self-driving cars:

Part 1

Part 2

I have no idea if this are Lobian machines or not (such a term has not been mentioned in the class, it looks like that engineers unaware of it). Yet I guess it is a good object to discuss what is perception, qualia, conscious, etc.

Another question would be if such a car could be considered as an observer in quantum mechanics.


31.12.2011 22:49 Evgenii Rudnyi:

Well, I guess, it is still an interesting question. Let us take for example the next sequence

A rock – a ballcock in a toilet – a PID controller in a thermostat – a self-driving car

What is the difference from the viewpoint of atomism? If you know some speculations in this direction, I would really appreciate a link, as this question puzzles me now.

It well might be that a good answer could help us to understand what for example supervenience is. Otherwise, it is for me just a buzzword like emergent properties.

I agree, this concerns Bruno theorem as well. It would be nice to learn what is the difference along this sequence from Bruno’s viewpoint as well. Well, probably some difference here in this respect is a diary.

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