Making Matter Come Alive

Jason Resch on the everything list maked a link to a nice video

20.01.2012 02:34 Jason Resch: “Some have argued that cars are alive. They evolve, consume, move, reproduce and so on. While they are dependent on humans for reproduction, we too depend on a a very specific environment to reproduce. Much like viruses.”

Lee Cronin: Making matter come alive

My comment.

A nice video. Thanks for a link. Yet, it is unclear to me what is evolvable matter. In the lecture, the lector has several times said “cells compete” and indeed he needs a competition to come to evolution. However, in my view “a cell competes” is close to “a cell perceives” and what this exactly means is for me a puzzle. Let us think about this along the next series:

A rock – a ballcock in a toilet – an automatic door – a self-driving car – a cell.

When competition comes into play? Does a self-driving car already competes? Does a ballcock competes? What does it actually mean “a cell competes”?

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