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Recently I get interesting spam messages to my blog. I will give an example below. According to the link used as a website, there is no doubt that this is a spam. Yet, the message by itself seems to be intelligent. To genernate it, one would need to search for similar pages in Internet and then borrow some paragraphs. My question would be whether this is already possible for AI or it is just done by some freelancer?

This is a comment that I have got

Now there are three possible answers to that question: physical necessity, chance, or design. Hawking and Mlodinow reject the hypothesis of physical necessity: “It appears that the fundamental numbers, and even the form, of the apparent laws of nature are not demanded by logic or physical principle” (page 143). Since Mlodinow and Hawking want nothing to do with a Cosmic Designer, they opt for the hypothesis of chance. Since the odds of our universe’s being fine-tuned for intelligent life are so incomprehensibly remote, Hawking and Mlodinow appeal to the Many Worlds Hypothesis to augment one’s probabilistic resources to the extent that it becomes inevitable that a finely-tuned universe will appear by chance somewhere in the World Ensemble or multiverse. If there are an infinite number of randomly ordered universes in the Ensemble, then a finely-tuned universe will appear somewhere in the Ensemble by chance alone.”

And this is the page for which such an intelligent spam has been sent:

Stephen Hawking: Philosophy is Dead



Thanks for the link. It well might be that this kind of software could be employed as a kernel. What is missing though is a part that will take a decision on the relationship between the generated and original texts.


It is not a problem to detect that this is a spam, WordPress (Akismet) makes it just fine. I guess though that it comes not from the analysis of the text but rather from the associated link.

Yet, when I look at the spam detected by Akismet, this post attracts my attention, as it is intelligent. I am not sure if a crawler will achieve such a result.

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