A Romp Through the Philosophy of Mind

Marianne Talbot


A good overview of the mind-body problem:

The mind is a fascinating entity. Where, after all, would we be without it? But what exactly is it? These days many people believe the mind simply is the brain. Descartes would have disagreed profoundly. He recommended a dualism of substance. Modern philosophers are again finding various forms of dualism attractive because the problems with physicalism are so intractable. One such problem is whether the mind, like the brain, is located in space (specifically inside the head). But does philosophy have anything sensible to say about the mind? Surely today it is scientists we should be listening to? Come and find out why this is – and always will be – false.

I like the podcast. It is a good starter for the mind-body problem.

Part 1. The identity theory. Reductive Physicalisms: Mental states are identical to physical states.

Part 2. Non-Reductive Physicalisms: Functionalism and Property Dualism.

Part 3. What is the Alternative to Physicalisms? Epiphenomenalism and Eliminativism.

Part 4. Are we looking in the wrong place? Externalism vs. Internalism.




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