The Marriage of Sense and Soul

Ken Wilber, The Marriage of Sense and Soul: Integrating Science and Religion

I have listened to the Audible edition of the book. I should say that the author understands the religion pretty general: as spirit and contemplation. It is an interesting overview  of how science has started to dominate over art and moral and what could be done against it. The different would-be solutions from history are also considered. Wilber’s solution, if I have understood correctly, goes like a combination of German idealism + Joga.

The paper in Wikipedia about the author gives a good introduction to his ideas

Positive review:

The Marriage of Sense and Soul is a didactic masterpiece. In the course of bringing home the metaphysical and epistemological bacon, Ken Wilber gives us marvelous short courses on:

(1) the nature of science and scientific method, including a common misreading of Thomas Kuhn and the notion of “new paradigms”;

(2) the Dignity, and the Disaster, of modernity and the Enlightenment; and

(3) previous failed attempts at integrating science and religion, including Romanticism, Idealism, and (a no-nonsense) deconstruction of Postmodernism.”