Isomorphism between black body radiation and enzymic catalisis

Ji, S. (2012). Isomorphism Between Blackbody Radiation and Enzymic Catalysis. In: S. Ji, Molecular Theory of the Living Cell: Concepts, Molecular Mechanisms, and Biomedical Applications, Springer, New York, Section 11.3.3, pp. 343-363.

My message to biosemiotic list on 23.02.2013 09:59 (biosemiotics:503)

I have browsed your paper. I do not think it makes sense to speak about any fatal error. It is rather just another position. Say you write

“1. Both blackbody radiation and enzymic catalysis can be viewed as resulting from thermal excitation of systems of molecular oscillators.”

It is fine with me, when one introduces metaphysical quantities like molecular oscillators in your statement. I do not see however any reason, why I should follow. One could use the abstract concept of a molecular oscillator to develop a useful numerical model, I have nothing against it. Yet, I do not accept the statement “A molecular oscillator exist“.

I quote you:

> “Not all isomorphisms are created equal:
> (498-3) Some are true and some are false.”

For me your isomorphism is false, as according to my world view molecular oscillators are fiction.

I have once have taught molecular simulation course

In my knowledge, if we take the Schroedinger equation seriously, then a molecular oscillator is just a glimpse in the mind of a person who would like to understand the Schroedinger equation better.

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