Spell Checker in Internet Explorer 10

I am Russian, I live in Germany, and I use English quite often. This has created a problem with a spell checker in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. Below I have documented a solution that I have found.

My Windows is German and I use two keyboard layouts: German and Russian. When I type English, I use the German layout as my keyboard is German anyway.

In such a setup, Internet Explorer has recognized English words as German ones and has underscored them with the red wavy line. Moreover, Internet Explorer uses auto-correction and when I have typed “evolution” it has changed it to “Evolution” (in German nouns are capitalized).

The search for options (Extras | Internetoptionen | Sprachen) brought me in Control Panel | Sprache (Language). Unfortunately when one adds English on Windows 8, a new keyboard is automatically is added as well. I have found no way to do it otherwise. For me this would a really bad solution, as I do not need three keyboards. I often need switching between Latin and Russian keyboards and one keyboard extra make the life just more complicated.

Once more, my keyboard is German and it is no problem to use it to type in English. Why the hell then I need to have two different keyboards to type Latin characters?

Fortunately it was possible to specify the German layout on the keyboard for English and then to delete the German language. I do not like such a solution, as sometimes I type in German as well. Yet, this was the only compromise that I have found in order to make the spell checker in Internet Explorer 10 happy and at the same time to keep my normal way to work. It seems to be a typical Microsoft position when they believe that they know better what I need.

P.S. There was no means in Internet Options to specify a blank page for the start of Internet Explorer. The Microsoft managers seems to be crazy. I had to type about:blank manually to achieve it.


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