Secular Counterpart of Religious Intolerance

Quote from John Deely, Four Ages of Understanding: The First Postmodern Survey of Philosophy from Ancient Times to the Turn of the Twenty-First Century

p. 192 “Nor should we forget the late-modern inverse secular counterpart of religious intolerance of freedom of the intellect such as we witnessed, for example, in the ill-fated experiment of the ‘Soviet Union’. There is not only the problem of faith seeking to dominate or suppress reason; there is also the problem of reason seeking to eliminate even legitimate possibilities of belief. The thought-control mentality can operate through secular institutions no less than through religious ones, and this ‘secular inversion’ of the mentality represents in the early twenty-first century a greater challenge to the delicate experiment of balancing or ‘separating’ church and state than does the religious original which inspired the Enlightenment experiment to begin with.”