Entropy as a new philosopher’s stone

A New Physics Theory of Life

The paper reminds me the search for the philosopher’s stone in the middle ages. A small difference is that nowadays one search for an equation that will allow us to find all the answers by solving it.

P.S. John Collier on the biosemiotic list has recommended to entropy and evolution:

Brooks and Wiley, /Evolution as Entropy/, Chicago, 1985, 2nd edition 1988.

Entropy in Evolution <http://web.ncf.ca/collier/papers/entev.pdf>/. Biology and Philosophy/ 1,1986: 5-24.

Hierarchical dynamical information systems with a focus on biology <http://www.mdpi.org/entropy/papers/e5020100.pdf> (Entropy 2003)

Order From Rhythmic Entrainment and the Origin of Levels Through Dissipation <http://web.ncf.ca/collier/papers/order.pdf> (1998) with Mark Burch

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