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A quote from Stuart A. Kauffman, Foreword: Evolution beyond Newton, Darwin, and Entailing Law. In Beyond Mechanism: Putting Life Back Into Biology p. 9 “Here is the first ‘strange’ step. Can you name all the uses of a screwdriver, alone, or with other objects or process? Well, screw in a a screw, open a paint can, wedge […]

Prigogine, I., G. Nicolis & A. Babloyantz (1972). Thermodynamics of evolution. Physics Today 25(11), 23-28. “The functional order maintained within living systems seems to defy the Second Law; nonequilibrium thermodynamics describes how such systems come to terms with entropy.” Prigogine, I., G. Nicolis & A. Babloyantz (1972). Thermodynamics of evolution. Physics Today 25(12), 38-44. […]

Recently I have made a talk “Does Entropy Play a Role in Biology?” where I have made a short introduction to the thermodynamic entropy and discussed misconceptions of the entropy in biology. Now I see that I have missed to mention an important text that seemed to play a big role in raising one particular […]

Ji, S. (2012). Isomorphism Between Blackbody Radiation and Enzymic Catalysis. In: S. Ji, Molecular Theory of the Living Cell: Concepts, Molecular Mechanisms, and Biomedical Applications, Springer, New York, Section 11.3.3, pp. 343-363. My message to biosemiotic list on 23.02.2013 09:59 (biosemiotics:503) I have browsed your paper. I do not think it makes sense to […]

It seems that biologism and the Christian religion are at odds, see for example The God Delusion. Well, the contradiction seems to be apparent. For example, statements “God has created” and “Evolution has created” are very similar. Jeffrey Gray has once mentioned “For the good fit between conscious experience and outside reality, the idealist philosopher Berkley called […]

My emails to where I comment on Annila, A. & S.N. Salthe (2010) Physical foundations of evolutionary theory. Journal of Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics  35: 301-321, 13.02.2013 20:20 > A small comment to the statement from the link above. “and that the idea of their improving rather than harming organisms is contrary to the Second Law […]

I have seen a post on Facebook where a biologist has discussed Nagel’s nomination of Signature in the Cell. A link was to the blog Stupid Philosopher Tricks: Thomas Nagel In a previous post, I said, “Whenever scientific subjects are discussed, you can count on some philosopher to chime in with something really stupid.” […]

Dick has sent me a link to a paper: Brenner, S. (2012). The Revolution in the Life Sciences. Recognition of DNA as the carrier of information created a new fundamental dimension for viewing the natural world. Science *338*(6113), 1427-1428. The main message of this short paper is: “Recognition of DNA as the carrier of […]