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I have a German Windows, so some words below will be in German, sorry. I have just updated Windows 8 to 8.1 and there was a problem with Internet connection. My Firefox has refused to connect to most of Websites. I have traced the problem to connection-specific DNS suffix. ipconfig has shown that on Windows […]

I am Russian, I live in Germany, and I use English quite often. This has created a problem with a spell checker in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8. Below I have documented a solution that I have found. My Windows is German and I use two keyboard layouts: German and Russian. When I type […]

My messages to Artificial Intelligence Researchers, Faculty + Professionals on Linkedin ——————————-  Recently I get interesting spam messages to my blog. I will give an example below. According to the link used as a website, there is no doubt that this is a spam. Yet, the message by itself seems to be intelligent. To […]

My two messages to the discussion on the ICS-L list A simple problem with ‘<‘ in Matlab? 19.03.2012 19:44: I have browsed the current discussion and it was quite entertaining. It helped me to relax a bit after a long working day. The question that I am asking myself often recently, who is worse: […]

I use rsync ( already for long time to backup files locally and also to put files to the provider when I update my sites. Yet recently I have started getting periodically the error rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4092 bytes to socket [sender]: Connection reset by peer (104) ERROR: out of memory in flist_expand […]

To change reply and forward format in Thunderbird I am using QuoteAndComposeManager: I have also used Change quote and reply format. To change German Thunderbird reply to English: Extras | Einstellungen | Allgemein | Konfiguration bearbeiten Filter: reply mailnews.reply_header_authorwrote = %s said the following mailnews.reply_header_ondate = On %s mailnews.reply_header_separateor =

Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto, 2010 I have listened to a nice paper in Die Zeit about this book: “Masse und Netz” by Heinrich Wefing, 2010, N 42. Well, the paper was more about the author, the book was presented rather shortly. Yet it was enough to get me interested and […]

22.08.15. The text below is obsolete now as WordPress now supports iframe directly. Sometimes I write about books and I have applied for Amazon associates to advertize these books. The use of the links from Amazon associates happened to be problematic though. They produce them as iframe and WordPress does not like iframe. When I copy the […]