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Zu-Qing Qu, Springer, 2004, Model Order Reduction Techniques: with Applications in Finite Element Analysis I have read this book during my work at IMTEK. It is a nice introduction into the engineering world of model reduction: modal superposition, Guyan reduction, and different variants of dynamic condensation (CMS). Some methods are already for long time implemented […]

Model Order Reduction: Theory, Research Aspects and Applications This books a collection of papers on model reduction from leading scientists in this area. The book has three sections Basic concepts Theory Research aspects and application and gives you overview on the newest model reduction algorithms and MOR applications. Well, the information has its price. I should […]

Athanasios C. Antoulas, Approximation of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems When I have started learning model reduction, I have found many excellent paper about MOR by Prof Antoulas They helped me a lot to understand the theory behind MOR. The book has appeared in press a bit too late for myself, already at the end of […]

The text is written in August 2008 for the group. I have just browsed a recent presentation of Rudy Eid A Survey on Model Order Reduction,of Linear Dynamical Systems It is a short presentation (21 slide) but it gives concise introduction in MOR and comparison of TBR and Krylov subspace methods. It should […]

The text is written in August 2008 for the group. I have just read a paper Rumi Zhang, Wei Wang, Anestis Dounavis, Graham A. Jullien Passive Reduced-Order Macromodeling Algorithm for Microelectromechanical Systems Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, v. 17, N 3, 678-687, 2008. and would like to make some comments. First, I like the […]

The text is written in September 2008 for the group. Dynamics of Very High Dimensional Systems by Earl H. Dowell, Deman Tang, 2003 The book is pretty systematic and it uses modal analysis as the basic tool. This is what I am actually missing, as I am not a mechanical engineer. I am considering […]

The text is written in October 2008 for the group. Sheldon Tan has many papers on model reduction One of the interesting topics that he is working on is hierarchical model reduction [1][2]. Once Tamara and I have tried to develop somewhat similar for a thermal problem [3] but it did not went […]

The text is written in November 2008 for the group. I have read the paper Y.-J. Yang* and Chi-Wei Kuo “Generating Scalable and Modular Macromodels for Microchannels using the Galerkin-based Technique”, IEEE Transaction on CAD (2008) Vol. 27, No. 9, pp. 1545-1554 The paper describes a new way to generate a microfluidic macromodel […]