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The text is written in November 2008 for the group. I have read an interesting paper in TCAD on parametric model reduction Yung-Ta Li, Zhaojun Bai, Yangfeng Su, Xuan Zeng Model Order Reduction of Parameterized Interconnect Networks via a Two-Directional Arnoldi Process IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, v. 27, […]

The text is written in November 2008 for the group. D. Botto, S. Zucca, and M. M. Gola, (2007) ‘Reduced-Order Models for the Calculation of Thermal Transients of Heat Conduction/Convection FE Models’, Journal of Thermal Stresses, 30:8, 819-839 The link to Prof Gola is The paper presents an interesting engineering application that […]

The text is written in November 2008 for the group. In the TCAD Newsletter I have found an interesting reference R. Ionutiu, J. Rommes, A. Antoulas: “Passivity preserving model reduction using dominant spectral zero interpolation”, IEEE Transactions on COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN of Integrated Circuits and System, 2008, vol. 27, N 12, pp. 2250-2263 It […]

The text is written in December 2008 for the group. E. W. Sachs and M. Schu Reduced Order Models (POD) for Calibration Problems in Finance Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications, 2008, Part 2, p. 735-742 It is exiting to learn that model reduction could help to save us from the financial crisis. In […]

The text is written in January 2009 for the group. Yongquan Wang, Hualing Chen, Xueming He System-level modeling and simulation for an electrostaticfeedback microaccelerometer based on equivalent electrical representation Microsyst Technol (2007) 13:613–624 I have browsed the paper above. It is a good application of the nodal approach to develop a compact model […]

The text is written in January 2009 for the group. I have being reading this week the paper J.C. Willems, The behavioral approach to open and interconnected systems, Control Systems Magazine, Volume 27, pages 46-99, 2007. The paper is available at There is also available a related presentation Interconnected systems and its […]

The text is written in March 2009 for the group.  A few comments to the paper G. Shi, B. Hu, and C.-J. R. Shi, “On symbolic model order reduction”, IEEE Trans. on Computer-Aided Design, vol. 25, no. 7, pp. 1257-1272, July 2006. or that I have recently read. This is an interesting paper. […]

Text written in October 2008 for the mor4ansys group. After reading the review A Review of Proper Modeling Techniques, I have contacted the authors. They have many other papers on model reduction and I have asked for some of them. The first paper that I have read is Model reduction in vehicle dynamics using […]