Их нравы: как выглядят основные положения диссертации в Голландии

Ниже идут основные положения диссертации (это не шутка, так оно и было). Интересно, как бы прореагировал ВАК?

Ссылка на саму диссертацию:
Оригинал странички с основными положениями

Stellingen behorende bij het proefschrift
Automated Focusing and Astigmatism Correction in Electron Microscopy
Van Maria Rudnaya

1. The reality is discrete. The mind is continuous.

2. An electron microscope is one of the most expensive photo cameras in the world.

3. The life of a human being can be described by a mathematical function. This function often appears to be periodic.

4. Consider an image of 3×3 pixels with the pixel depth 3-bits. The total amount of such images is 2^27. If we look at each of them for one second we will need more than 4 years to see all of them.

5. The first real-world test of one of the automated algorithms described in this thesis was a closed loop involving two humans shouting the numbers towards each other. The algorithm converged in forty minutes to a better quality image.

6. The first demonstration of the automated algorithm to the colleagues showed minimization instead of maximization. Still, it was taken as success.

7. Human brain is similar to the Nelder-Mead simplex method. It often gets stuck in local optima.

8. When we look at a problem in higher dimensions a local optimum is sometimes not an optimum anymore (Chapter 7 of this thesis).

9. If something does not work out an engineer will try something else. A scientist will write a paper about it.

10. An image found by a human operator with a microscope will generally differ from one generated by Matlab, due to noise for instance. However, if they would be the same, who would be the image copyright owner?

11. It is simple to find the way when one knows where it goes.





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  1. Так речь же идет о получении phd, то есть доктора философии. Положения как раз довольно философски выглядят.

  2. В этом отношении вы правы. Если PhD, то граждане, занимающиеся естественнымы науками, также должны уметь сказать умные мысли доступными словами.