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Ken Wilber, The Marriage of Sense and Soul: Integrating Science and Religion “In all these tales, the overall direction of the universe’s unfolding is unmistakable: as if following some second law of religious thermodynamics, the spiritual universe is running down. In the actual unfolding of the universe’s history, we humans (and all creatures) were once […] Stephen’s question: Could you give us a sketch of exactly how ‘physical rules’ or the appearance thereof are the “consequences of 0, + and *”? I think that there is more to the explanation than the fact that 0, + and * exist…. This is the part of your work that I still do […] Klemm, W. (2010). Free will debates: Simple experiments are not so simple, Advances in Cognitive Psychology I have not yet read the whole paper, but I agree with his main critics against the idea that free will is an illusion. It is almost like saying that consciousness is an illusion. I refute only […]

Messages from the everthing list 19.02.2012 15:52 Bruno Marchal:  I don’t remember having said that to Craig. On the contrary I criticize him for introducing a new word without ever defining it. But “theology” means “Study of Gods” like biology is study of life. It is a simple word that everyone can understand, and […]

The text has been inspired by the discussion “Turing Machine” on the everything list: Many people believe nowadays that the level of scientific knowledge allows us to conclude that everything including the whole universe could be simulated. Some of the them go further and say that the universe that we know is actually simulation […]

On the everything-list there was a question that I have used as the title. Bruno has given a nice answer. I should say that I do not understand it, as my knowledge of mathematical logic is rather limited. John recently has written in this respect: I am sure you write very smart things. I […]

One quote from the everything list (Bruno Marchal) about lying: Lying is of the type Bf, like errors, dreams and perhaps death. But it is more general than “asserting a falsity”, it might be “acting and behaving in a way such that others will have a wrong belief”. With that definition in mind, the following […]

Colin Hales International Journal of Machine Consciousness (IJMC) Volume: 3, Issue: 1(2011) pp. 55-89 Scientific behavior is used as a benchmark to examine the truth status of computationalism (COMP) as a law of nature. A COMP-based artificial scientist is examined from three simple perspectives to see if they shed light on the truth or […]