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Information about a book at A Computable Universe: Understanding and Exploring Nature as Computation Overview This volume, with a foreword by Sir Roger Penrose, discusses the foundations of computation in relation to nature. It focuses on two main questions: What is computation? How does nature compute? The contributors are world-renowned experts who have helped […]

A few quotes from the discussion on the everything list 28.02.2012 21:31 Evgenii Rudnyi: in answer to I am thermodynamicist and I do not know exactly what is information and computation. You have written that living beings perform computations. Several questions in this respect. Are computations are limited to living beings only? Does […]

My messages to the everything list On 09.02.2012 07:49 meekerdb said the following: … There’s an interesting paper by Bennett that I ran across, which discusses the relation of Shannon entropy, thermodynamic entropy, and  algorithmic entropy in the context of DNA and RNA replication: 10.02.2012 22:16: Thank you for the link. I like […]

The text has been inspired by the discussion “Turing Machine” on the everything list: Many people believe nowadays that the level of scientific knowledge allows us to conclude that everything including the whole universe could be simulated. Some of the them go further and say that the universe that we know is actually simulation […]

Craig Weinberg has made a link to the video on the everything list: with a question Does the idea of this machine solve the Hard Problem of Consciousness, or are qualia something more than ideas? The Web-site devoted to that nice Turing machine shown in the video is The discussion of the Craig’s answer: […]

Colin Hales International Journal of Machine Consciousness (IJMC) Volume: 3, Issue: 1(2011) pp. 55-89 Scientific behavior is used as a benchmark to examine the truth status of computationalism (COMP) as a law of nature. A COMP-based artificial scientist is examined from three simple perspectives to see if they shed light on the truth or […]

Reading comments to discussion “Can we compute an answer to every question?” on Linkedin (group Artificial Intelligence Researchers, Faculty + Professionals) I have asked what is actually computing. Pedro Marcal has given the next answer “Computation is the control and execution of one or more machines to produce a desired answer.” The machines may be broken down […]

Jaron Lanier, You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto, 2010 I have listened to a nice paper in Die Zeit about this book: “Masse und Netz” by Heinrich Wefing, 2010, N 42. Well, the paper was more about the author, the book was presented rather shortly. Yet it was enough to get me interested and […]