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My comments to ——————————- I have recently listened to Alister E. McGrath, Darwinism and the Divine. There a section there on the God-meme in the book. I have found there more logic than by Dennet and Dawkins. ——————————- The logic in the book is as follows. If one takes the meme theory literally, there […]

My message to the everything-list: Trying to remember where I have seen the statement about Dennett, I have made search on Google. Two findings (both are not my source though): 1) Is Daniel Dennett a zombie? Discussion on where the question, I believe is close to the statement that I have seen. “This is […] It’s very hard to change people’s minds about something like consciousness, and I finally figured out the reason for that. The reason for that is that everybody’s an expert on consciousness. And so what I’m going to try to do today is to shake your confidence. Because I know the feeling — I can […]