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A small discussion after reading the second chapter Embryogenesis Explained:

Christopher John Chetland Does biology need a new theory of explanation? An investigation into the possibility of moving past the limits of mechanistic and teleological descriptions of organisms: a thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Ecology at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand Chris has […]

Dick and Natalie Gordon have started a course Embryogenesis Explained in Second Life. Embryo Physics Course, Thursdays at 2-3pm Pacific Time, held online at The course is based on the book that they write. The first lecture was How Embryogenesis Began in Evolution and it corresponds to the first chapter in the book. I […]

Diatoms from Wikipedia Yesterday Richard Gordon has made a wonderful lecture about diatoms (Embryo Physics Course).  A few statements from his paper The Glass Menagerie: diatoms for novel applications in nanotechnology, Trends in Biotechnology, v. 27, N 2, 2009, pp 116-127 ( Diatom studies are the classic example of the gentleman amateur scientist; Diatoms could […]

On BiotaConv I have met Richard Gordon who has invited me to attend the Embryo Physics Course It happened to be fun, I can highly recommend it. The course takes place in the Second Life that brings some specific atmosphere to the event.