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Recently I have made a talk “Does Entropy Play a Role in Biology?” where I have made a short introduction to the thermodynamic entropy and discussed misconceptions of the entropy in biology. Now I see that I have missed to mention an important text that seemed to play a big role in raising one particular […]

Some quotes (mostly mine) from the discussion on the everything list 13.03.2012 01:43 Russell Standish: This about experimentally testing Landauer’s principle that computation has thermodynamic constraints. 13.03.2012 16:29 Evgenii Rudnyi: Thanks for the link. Yet, it is unclear to me what is exactly information and computation in this experiment. To be more precise, […]

There was a discussion on the everything list where among other things there was discussion between David Nyman and 1Z on whether heat was eliminated onltologically after its reduction to molecular motion. It has started afther the next statement Ontological reduction does not necessarily entail epistemological elimination, but it does entail ontological elimination. My comment to […]

J. theor. Biol. (1970) 28, 411-413 Note on Complex Systems STUART A. NEWMAN A short paper that states: A view is presented which argues that hierarchically organized, complex systems are in no sense unlikely to come about in a world in which thermodynamics is operative, and that they, in fact, often represent states of […]

Introduction I used to work in chemical thermodynamics for quite a while. No doubt, I have heard of the informational entropy but I have always thought that it has nothing to do with the entropy in chemical thermodynamics. Recently I have started reading papers on artificial life and it came to me as a complete […]