Posts Tagged ‘everything-list’ There were two links to nice videos on the everything-list. First from Brent Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday Second from David Nyman (with smiley) Not The Nine O’Clock News – Gerald the gorilla Comments to videos. Bruno Marchal Hard to really conclude from one video, but it is still very […]

In the discussion on decoherence, I was recommended: try stuart hameroff and roger penrose collaboration….regarding conciousness. Below there is my answer. I have found the interview with Stuart Hameroff by googling Do you mean something like this? I am not sure that I find Hameroff’s ideas impressive. I am personally closer to John’s […]

The message to the everything list This week in Die Zeit there were two papers about love and fidelity. One more scientific, another more philosophic. In the latter there is a couple of paragraphs related to Goethe’s “Elective Affinities” that are 100% in agreement with Rex: Die Utopie der Liebe Fidelity is mere an […]

There was an interesting discussion on the first person indeterminacy, see this message from Bruno and discussion after that There is an episode in Astérix & Obélix Take On Caesar that is not  far from discussion.

Yet another discusstion on the everything-list. A nice message from Stephen Paul King where he discussion what it may mean “a machine runs”: It seems that we need a definition of the implied meaning of the word “runs”, but we only end up in a confused state much worse than the one we started in […]

There was a discussion on the everything list where among other things there was discussion between David Nyman and 1Z on whether heat was eliminated onltologically after its reduction to molecular motion. It has started afther the next statement Ontological reduction does not necessarily entail epistemological elimination, but it does entail ontological elimination. My comment to […]

Marcus Hutter A Complete Theory of Everything (Will Be Subjective) Algorithms 2010, 3(4), 329-350; Abstract: Increasingly encompassing models have been suggested for our world. Theories range from generally accepted to increasingly speculative to apparently bogus. The progression of theories from ego- to geo- to helio-centric models to universe and multiverse theories and beyond was […] Discussion that I have started on the everything-list. Below some answers from Bruno. Embryogenesis fits very well. The second recursion theorem of Kleene provides the conceptual solution of a problem given by Descartes: how to build a machine capable of self-reproduction. I have explained the ‘trick’ sometimes. I use a generalisation by John Case […]