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My emails to where I comment on Annila, A. & S.N. Salthe (2010) Physical foundations of evolutionary theory. Journal of Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics  35: 301-321, 13.02.2013 20:20 > A small comment to the statement from the link above. “and that the idea of their improving rather than harming organisms is contrary to the Second Law […]

Ken Wilber, The Marriage of Sense and Soul: Integrating Science and Religion “In all these tales, the overall direction of the universe’s unfolding is unmistakable: as if following some second law of religious thermodynamics, the spiritual universe is running down. In the actual unfolding of the universe’s history, we humans (and all creatures) were once […]

Jason Resch on the everything list maked a link to a nice video 20.01.2012 02:34 Jason Resch: “Some have argued that cars are alive. They evolve, consume, move, reproduce and so on. While they are dependent on humans for reproduction, we too depend on a a very specific environment to reproduce. Much like viruses.” Lee Cronin: […]

Some time ago sergei_sh has brought to my attention the works of Jeffrey A. Gray and I have decided to read his book, Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem. I will definitely write more about it, as I like it a lot. Right now one statement not that related to the main content of the […]

Chapter 13 from A Different Universe by Robert Laughlin. Life is especially fun to talk about from a physical perspective because it is the most extreme case of the emergence of law. In fact, the entire idea of emergence was invented by biologists to explain why some aspects of living things – the rodlike shapes […]