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From Galileo by John L. Heilbron p. 318 ‘However, false is not useless. The motion supposed by Copernicus can be employed in calculations, and might even be useful to the faith if mathematicians emphasized their falsity along with their utility. Here Inchofer had in mind the minor truth later rediscovered  by Karl Popper: “mathematicians [should] … work more […]

According to the book Galileo by John L. Heilbron, Galileo was convinced that a comet is not a planetary-like body and he has defended such a view in his book Assayer. I have found in Internet a paper about this controversy. O Gal, R Chen The Spectre of the Telescope Radical Instrumentalism from Galileo to Hooke “What […]

According to Galileo by John L. Heilbron (Galileo’s extrusion argument): p. 272 “Ptolemy had agrued that objects not fastened to the Earth would be thrown off if the glove spun. Galileo countered that irrespective of the speed of rotation, no such extrusion can occur.” p. 273 “He [Galileo] could not think himself away from the Earth anymore, than […]

From  Galileo by John L. Heilbron: p. 104 “On 21 April 1604, Silvestro Pagnoni, who had worked for Galileo for a year and a half as a copyist, presented himself ‘spontaneously’, which often meant, as in this case, on the urging of his confessor, before the nearest inquisitor.  His conscience forced him to disclose that his former employer casts […]

I listen to Galileo by John L. Heilbron. Some interesting facts from the book are below together with links that I have found in Internet.  Galileo about Inferno Galileo has started his scientific career with a speech about how Inferno looks like where he has applied his mathematical genius to find out which theory was the […]