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From Galileo by John L. Heilbron p. 318 ‘However, false is not useless. The motion supposed by Copernicus can be employed in calculations, and might even be useful to the faith if mathematicians emphasized their falsity along with their utility. Here Inchofer had in mind the minor truth later rediscovered  by Karl Popper: “mathematicians [should] … work more […]

My comments: ————————- Craig, thanks for the invitation. Well, I have recently read The Empirical Stance (The Terry Lectures Series) by van Fraassen: I guess, that I prefer the empirical stance right now. Remember that the other name for rationalism is dogmatism. ————————- Frank, dogmatism concerns rationalism vs. empiricism. That is, the question […]

Quotes from Three Worlds, Karl Popper The Tanner Lecture On Human Values Delivered at The University of Michigan, April 7, 1978 “In this lecture I intend to challenge those who uphold a monist or even a dualist view of the universe; and I will propose, instead, a pluralist view. I will propose a view of […]