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Recently I went to an Italian restaurant. A small dinner, actually I wanted just a glass of good red Italian wine, but then I took also a small plate of cheese assorti with a couple of salad leaves, pepperoni and bread. I have enjoyed my dinner. Whether wine, bread, cheese, salad and pepperoni have enjoyed […]

On the everything list there was a discussion, where Stathis Papaioannou has mentioned that “the thermostat feels cold” (the discussion is long, the first message relevant is #350 with a subject bruno list): Below there are a few quotes that shows the context and then my answer. More at the link above. Bruno Marchal […]

On the everything-list Rex Allen has quoted Jim Holt: “Take that rock over there. It doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything, at least to our gross perception. But at the microlevel it consists of an unimaginable number of atoms connected by springy chemical bonds, all jiggling around at a rate that even […]