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The text has been inspired by the discussion “Turing Machine” on the everything list: Many people believe nowadays that the level of scientific knowledge allows us to conclude that everything including the whole universe could be simulated. Some of the them go further and say that the universe that we know is actually simulation […]

Colin Hales International Journal of Machine Consciousness (IJMC) Volume: 3, Issue: 1(2011) pp. 55-89 Scientific behavior is used as a benchmark to examine the truth status of computationalism (COMP) as a law of nature. A COMP-based artificial scientist is examined from three simple perspectives to see if they shed light on the truth or […]

Some time ago, I have occasionally found Nick Bostrom, Are You Living In a Computer Simulation? I should say that this idea looks crazy but on the other hand why not? The page of Prof Schmidhuber adds mathematical insight into this problem Computable Universes & Algorithmic Theory of Everything Interestingly enough, it was […]