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My messages to Artificial Intelligence Researchers, Faculty + Professionals on Linkedin ——————————-  Recently I get interesting spam messages to my blog. I will give an example below. According to the link used as a website, there is no doubt that this is a spam. Yet, the message by itself seems to be intelligent. To […]

22.08.15. The text below is obsolete now as WordPress now supports iframe directly. Sometimes I write about books and I have applied for Amazon associates to advertize these books. The use of the links from Amazon associates happened to be problematic though. They produce them as iframe and WordPress does not like iframe. When I copy the […]

I have installed WordPress through the service from my provider and it was already with the PDO plugin to enable sqlite. Well, after WordPress have been updated automatically up to 2.9.2 there were some small problems with the PDO 2.6.1 as it has not been upgrated automaticall. Below is what I have done to update […]