Biologism and Christianity

It seems that biologism and the Christian religion are at odds, see for example The God Delusion. Well, the contradiction seems to be apparent. For example, statements “God has created” and “Evolution has created” are very similar. Jeffrey Gray has once mentioned

For the good fit between conscious experience and outside reality, the idealist philosopher Berkley called in God. In this more materialist age, it is Evolution that we must thank.”

Yet, Evolution clearly cannot be God the Father, so we need to find something else. In the inanimate world, God the Father is no doubt the Entropy. Could we marry Evolution and Entropy? The Maximum Entropy Production Principle brings the definite yes to the question.

Hence, the answer is pretty obvious: Entropy is God the Father and Evolution is God the Son.  From here it immediately follows that the Selfish Gene is God the Holly Spirit.  Now the world picture is complete and theologians from both sides could live in peace.