You and your Emotion

From Jeffery A. Gray, Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem

p. 275. “Suppose yourself in a seemingly tranquil and innocuous conversation with the Dearly Beloved (as ‘significant others’ were once, more romantically, called). She (or he, to taste) says something wounding (or rejecting, or arousing your jealousy, also according to taste). At first, you merely notice the offending remark and carry on the conversation as before, perhaps calmly thinking ‘I can ignore that’, or ‘it isn’t all that important anyway’. But then – and again it takes some seconds to happen – you start to feel a knot in the stomach, a clenching in the jaws, a clamminess in the hands, a tremulousness in the voice. The wounding remark has after all hit home, it just took you some time to find out.”