Bad Theory as a Bad Tragedy
On the difference between man and all other animals
Making Mind Matter More
Understanding ‘Understanding’
Anti-Darwinism in Russia in the Nineteenth Century
Hinshelwood, bacteria and biologists
Microbial genomics challenge Darwin


On Newton’s World View
Why Pigs Don’t Have Wings
Hard Determinism and the Self
Objects of consciousness
When I told my aunt that I wanted to study philosophy …
Leeuwenhoek and sperm cells
Wittgenstein and Christian Tradition
On Surveyability
Wittgenstein on Science and Philosophy


Aquinas and Evolution
Heidegger: Science does not think
Aquinas and modern theology
Artificial Intelligence and Christian Salvation
Nominalism and Psychologism
Thomas Aquinas and Catholic Church
Signs, Perception and Consciousness
Martin Luther on sex and women
Ewald Wassiljewitsch Iljenkow
Radical Proof for the Existence of Free Will
David Deutsch on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin
Peirce on Heat Death
Evald Ilyenkov: A Cosmology of the Spirit
Søren Brier: Science and Religion by Peirce
Depressive views of Jacques Monod
Does the World exist?
Wissenschaft und Religion
Entropy as a new philosopher’s stone
The Closing of the Scientific Mind
Aquinas and Heidegger
Epistemology of Thomas Aquinas
Max Velmans on Kant
On Feminism
Three feet on the floor
North, South, and Slavs
Galen: Woman is a Mutilated Male
Entropy and Evolution of Biological Systems
No Matter, so What?
Inventing the Flat Earth
Neuroscience Reverses Copernican Revolution
Quantum Leap from Physics to Psychology
This is no way to do science
Parapsychology in the Cold War
David Bohm on Thought, Perception and Matter
David Bohm on Free Will
Logic and Liberal Arts
How Descartes died
Stephen Fry and Goebbels-like propaganda
Secular Counterpart of Religious Intolerance
Heritage of the Byzantium
Church against Everett
Scotus Erigena: Martyr to philosophy
Neuroscience about Newton
The Boundary of Time
Liz Everett in Many Worlds
Peirce on Laws of Nature
Everett and Einstein
Logic of the Cold War
Ground Observer Corps
Von Neumann as a Hawk
Dan Dennett: Dangerous Memes
Entropy, Function and Evolution
Peirce on existence and reality
The Game of Life as Metaphysics
The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness
Tim Maudlin on Mind-Body Problem
Books on Peirce’s Metaphysics
Tim Maudlin on Metaphysics
Laws of Physics and Theology
Entropy and Miscibility Gap: Tutorial for Biologists
The Royal Society of London for the Improvement of Natural Knowledge
How Does a Molecule Become a Message?
Philosophy Based on a Myth
Muddle Puddle with Entropy in Biology
Addiction: The View from Rat Park
Darwin’s Ghosts
Prigogine: The new alliance
Bye-bye MEPP
Sense of Being Stared At
The Uses of a Screwdriver Cannot be Listed Algorithmically
Christian Roots of Modern Science
Thermodynamics of evolution
Charles Sanders Peirce and John Duns Scotus
Schrödinger’s Order, Disorder and Entropy
Peirce on Mind and Matter
On his sole responsibility
Once more on the world in the brain
Irony of Occam Razor
Natural vs. Artificial
Ancient and medieval philosophy
Religious Robots
Franklin flirting in France
Franklin and Jefferson on science vs. public service
Descartes’s Philosophy: “Made in Bavaria”
God-the-mathematician and Great Chain of Being
Mathematics as Escape
Isomorphism between black body radiation and enzymic catalisis
Biologism and Christianity
Scientists and History
Newton had Cracked the Code
Physical foundations of evolutionary theory
Christianity Doctrine and Modern Scientific Research Program
Thomas Nagel and Biologists
The Big Bang Never Happened
AI and Apocalypse
Castration Anxiety and Penis Envy
Investigations into the Applicability of Geometry
God is Dead


Galileo, Inchofer, and Popper
Galileo: Comet is not a Planetary-Like Body
Galileo: Body cannot leave the rotating Earth
Inquisition and Galileo: Venice Episode
Empirical Stance vs. Absolute Rationalism
Interesting Facts about Galileo
DNA as the carrier of information
DNA to represent proteins
Weyl on mathematics vs. reality
Rainbow as Public Hallucinations
Self-ascription and “Perfect Model Model”
Evolution and German Idealism
On Mathematical Modeling
The Marriage of Sense and Soul
Representation Of, Representation As
Who Determines Surroundedness of an Organism?
Between Religion and Biologism
Consciousness in Cognitive Architectures
Aping Mankind
Aristotle: Brain Served Only to Cool the Blood
Maxwell on Metaphysics and Theology
Cognitive Science, Religion, and Theology
John Stuart Mill on Pluralism
Image behind the mirror
The Story of Psychology
Selves: An Essay in Revisionary Metaphysics
Philosophy Changes Practice
A history of introspection
A Romp Through the Philosophy of Mind
Geoffrey Gorham: Philosophy of Science
Gödel on the Foundations of Mathematics
Einstein on Time
Astrology as Science: Mars Effect
General Philosophy by Peter Millican
The Unreality of Time
Out of Our Heads: Why You Are Not Your Brain, and Other Lessons from the Biology of Consciousness
Playing Chess in the Game of Life
Stephen Hawking: Philosophy is Dead
Agnosticism on 1 + 1 = 2
From Boltzmann’s fluctuation hypothesis to Boltzmann’s Brain
Newton’s Principia and Existence of God
Gadget: Warum die Zukunft uns noch braucht
Is the Visual World a Grand Illusion?
Every Event has a Cause as Metaphysics
Danger of Relativism for Religion and Science
God Exists as Metaphysical Proposition
Neuroscience as Science of Thought?
Free Will and Mathematics
Mental and Physical
Conscious Visual Experience by a Newborn
Experimental Method and God’s Voluntarism
You and your Emotion
Three Worlds by Karl Popper
Max Velmans’ Reflexive Monism
A Computable Universe: Understanding and Exploring Nature As Computation
Velmans on Popper’s Objective Knowledge
Science: Free Will is Illusion
Good vs. Bad Explanation
Conscious Will and Responsibility: A Tribute to Benjamin Libet
Does Universe has a Purpose?
Quantum Dualist Interactionism
Ode: Somethingness from Nothingness
0, + and * => Physical laws ?
Is the brain in the world or the world in the brain?
Head Transplantation
Resuscitation of Hamsters after Supercooling
How to Kill a Laboratory Mouse Humanely
Blind Variation in Molecular Biology
Discussion about Jeffrey Gray’s book on consciousness
The Black-Boxed Body of the Scientist
Mathematics as a part of neuroscience
Bruno on Free Will
Scientific Laws as a Myth
Late-Error Detection
God as a Cosmic Operator
Determinism in the case of bifurcations and symmetry breaking
Feyerabend on Free Will and Belief
Collingwood on Monotheism and Science
The Unavoidable Cost Of Computation Revealed
Who is Worse: Software Developers or Users?
About Panpsychism
Two Mathematicians in a Bunker and Existence of Pi
Aristotle on the Souls of Animals
Irreversible process can be reversed
The Library of Congress and a Random String
Computing in Bacteria
Singularity and Rapture
Entropy and Information
COMP Theology
The thermodynamics of Computation
Entropy: A Guide for the Perplexed
Books on entropy and information
Computers have emotions
Biology and Physics
Absolute Presupposition
Turing Test and Female Hormones
Reason, Free Will, and the Big Bang
Making Matter Come Alive
Information: a basic physical quantity or rather emergence/supervenience phenomenon
The Turing Test for Consciousness
A survival value for consciousness
What is conscious experience?
The Making of a World View
Theorien der Wahrheit
Feyerabend against Science


PCA and image reconstruction
Self-driving cars
About mathematics
Dualism? Yes!
A physicist and a theologian
Realism, nominalism and comp
Books To Self-assemble Themselves
Simulation Hypothesis and Simulation Technology
Dennett, zombie and zimbo
Thermostat Feels Cold
Should Math Be Taught In Schools?
Turing Machine
They’re Made Out Of Meat
Monkey have conscious visual perception
Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem
Theory and Senses
Is consciousness causally effective?
Schrödinger about God
Evolution vs. God
Hawking & Mlodinow: patch-work set of theories of the world
Since when nature lies?
On the Status of Computationalism as a Law of Nature
The Man Behind the Curtain
The I in Me
Einfach leben und etwas schreiben
Nonlocality, free will and “no many-worlds”
Animal consciousness and self-consciousness
Theory of Everything
Particle Physics and Gothic Cathedrals
Anthropic Principle
Darwin and Kelvin
Numerology and Science
Pythagoras and Einstein
Science and Mathematics
Request: computation<=>thermodynamics paper(s)
Love and free will
Automaton, Know Thyself
First person indeterminacy
Implementing Machines
Ontological Elimination: Heat vs. Molecular Motion
A Complete Theory of Everything (Will Be Subjective)
Quantum Microbiology
How embryogenesis fits in the mind-body problem?
What is Platonia
The Arithmetical Paradox: The Oneness of Mind
Abbreviations on the everything list
Note on Complex Systems
Epigenetic learning in non-neural organisms
A single man and the universe
What is computing?
Approaches to Defining and Evaluating General Intelligence
Rock and Information
Physics and Biology
Does biology need a new theory of explanation?
Perception, Feedback, and Qualia
Science and Religion


Auch nur ein Mann
Entropy and Artificial Life
The Emergent Age
Picnic Table in the Sun
Star Warriors
Principles of Life
The Dark Side of Protection
Carnival of the Baubles
The Nuclear Family
Vin Klitzing
Die Vergessene Revolution
Die Messias
Was in zwei Koffer passt
You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto
The Quantum Computer
Mount Newton
Living with Uncertainty
Frontier Law
Theory of Nothing
Intelligence and Nomologicalism
Consciousness and Information
Christian de Duve about Gaia
conscious experience vs. quarks and electrons
Chemical Basis for Minimal Cognition
Ambient Information Society
What crazy scientists make with brain nowadays
A Brief History of Computing
Neurons only die
Computable Universes & Algorithmic Theory of Everything
Quantum mechanics and Archimedes
Matter and little ghosts
The Universality of Life
End of Reductionism?
A connection between Superstring theory and Veda
Why it is difficult to learn mathematics
Physics, politics and religion
Stephen Wolfram’s Computational Irreducibility
Rube Golberg Machine
Quantum Mechanics
Ernst Peter Fischer about Darwin
Watson wins Jeopardy
Thermodynamics of substances with negative thermal expansion and negative compressibility
Computational Thermodynamics
The Elegant Universe
Thermodynamics: A Dynamical Systems Approach – Chapter 6 and 7
Thermodynamics: A Dynamical Systems Approach – Work, Heat, and the Carno Cycle
Thermodynamics: A Dynamical Systems Approach – Temperature Equipartition and the Kinetic Theory of Gases
Thermodynamics: A Dynamical Systems Approach – A System Foundation for Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics: A Dynamical Systems Approach – Dynamical system theory
Thermodynamics: A Dynamical Systems Approach – Introduction
Thermodynamics: A Dynamical Systems Approach
Compiling MUMPS with g95 and MS Visual C
Using g95 with MS Visual C++
Updating Makefiles for MUMPS 4.9.2
MUMPS 4.9.2 with gfortran under Cygwin 1.7
gcc4 on Cygwin1.7
Installing Cygwin 1.7