Martin Luther on sex and women

Quotes from Luther on Women: A Sourcebook

“Now, alas, it is so hideous and frightful a pleasure that physicians compare it with epilepsy or falling sickness. Thus an actual disease is linked with the very activity of procreation. We are in the state of sin and death; therefore we also undergo this punishment, that we cannot make use of woman without the horrible passion of lust, and, so to speak, without epilepsy.”

“So this is the meaning: if you feel that you are looking at a woman with evil lust (which is against God’s Commandment), rip your eye or glance out of your heart, not out of your body, for the desire and lust come out of your heart. Then you have understood this properly. For when evil lust is gone from the heart, the eye will not trouble you. And if you see the same  woman with the same bodily eyes without lust, it is just if you had not seen her at all. “