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Jean-André Deluc to Christoph Lichtenberg (1798): “I told you, mon cher Monsieur, that there is no one I prefer to talk physics with than you; because I’ve always seen that like me (if I dare say so) you love physics for itself; which is true of very few people. Some do physics to talk about […]

James Allen Rogers, Russian Opposition to Darwinism in the Nineteenth Century, Isis Vol. 65, No. 4 (Dec., 1974), pp. 487-505 Chernyshevsky, Danilevsky, Strakhov against Darwin. “It is ironic that classical education in the form in which the Minister of Public Education reinstituted it was clearly reactionary in character while in Western Europe the study […]

Quotes from David Castillejo, Expanding Force in Newton’s Cosmos. These are quotes from Newton manuscripts. Alchemy “This rod & the male & female serpents joyned in the proportion of 3, 1, 2 compose the three headed Cerberus which keeps the gates of Hell. For being fermented & digested together they resolve & grow dayly more […]

A quote from The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World by Edward Dolnick ‘Leeuwenhoek jumped up from his bed one night, “immediately after ejaculation before six beats of the pulse had intervened,” and raced to his microscope. There he became the first person ever to see sperm cells. […]

Two documents that I have found in Internet. 1) Revival of Thomism by Pope Leo XIII in 1879: AETERNI PATRIS ENCYCLICAL OF POPE LEO XIII ON THE RESTORATION OF CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY “31. While, therefore, We hold that every word of wisdom, every useful thing by whomsoever discovered or planned, ought to be received with […]

Quotes from Luther on Women: A Sourcebook “Now, alas, it is so hideous and frightful a pleasure that physicians compare it with epilepsy or falling sickness. Thus an actual disease is linked with the very activity of procreation. We are in the state of sin and death; therefore we also undergo this punishment, that we […]

This is my writing for a German lesson. Ewald Iljenkow war ein der berühmtesten Philosophen der Sowjetunion. 1924 in Smolenks geboren, war er der Liebhaber der deutschen Philosophie. Er lies und studierte Kant, Hegel, Marx und die anderen deutschen Philosophen direkt auf Deutsch. Im zweiten Weltkrieg kämpfte er an der Kriegsfront als Offizier in der […]

A person denying free will is put into some inquisition tool, say Spanish boot. He is asked: “Do I have free will to stop the torture?”. The answer “Yes” finishes the proof. After “No” the Spanish boot is tightened a bit and the question is repeated. Source: Maarten Hoenen’s lecture on Duns Scotus: