On Newton’s World View

Quotes from David Castillejo, Expanding Force in Newton’s Cosmos.

These are quotes from Newton manuscripts.


“This rod & the male & female serpents joyned in the proportion of 3, 1, 2 compose the three headed Cerberus which keeps the gates of Hell. For being fermented & digested together they resolve & grow dayly more fluid for 15 or 20 days & in 25 or 30 days begin to lack breath & thicken & put on a green colour & in 40 days turn to a rotten black powder.”

The Prophecies in Daniel and the Apocalypse

“The prediction of things to come relate to the state of the church in all ages: and amongst the old Prophets, Daniel is the most distinct in order of time, and easiest to be understood: and therefor in those things which relate to the last times, he must be made the key to the rest.”

“But as Christ, when he rose from the dead, conversed not with mortals unless he thought fit to appear to his disciples for manifestation the truth of this resurrection: so when the saints & martyrs rise from the dead it is to be conceived that they converse only with one another, & appear not to mortals unless perhaps upon very extraordinary occasions. They have power over the nations & rule them with a rod of iron, but in a manner invisible to mortals, as the Angels have done hitherto.”

A History of the Church

“Christ is therefore called the Word to signify that before his incarnation he was Oracle & mouth of God the Angel by whom God gave the law on mount Sina & commanded Israel & whose voice was to be obeyed: And also to signify that in his mortal body he was the Prophet predicted by Moses: & that after his resurrection he was the faithful & true witness, whose testimony was the spirit of prophecy & who shall come to destroy the wicked with the breath of his mouth as with a two edged sword, & to judge the quick & the dead.”

“Plato travelling into Egypt when the Jews were numerous in that country learnt there his metaphysical opinions about the superior beings & formal causes of all things, which he calls Idaeas & which the Cabbalists call Sephiroths & separate intelligences & the heathens Gods.”

“The philosophical errors of Gnosticks consisted chiefly in denying one God & one Lord, & in eluding the incarnation & the passion of the Son of God.”

The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended

“Thus the Greek Chronologers, who follow Timaeus and Eratosthenes, have made the Kings of the Persian Empire, to Reign about 35 or 40 years a-piece, one with another; which is a length so much beyond the course of nature, as is not be credited. For by the ordinary course of nature Kings Reign, one with another, about eighteen or twenty years a-piece: and if in some instances they Reign, one with another, five or six years longer, in others they Reign as much shorter: eighteen or twenty years is a medium.”

“It was the ancient opinion of not a few, in the earliest ages of philosophy, that the fixed stars stood immovable in the highest parts of the world; that under the fixed stars the planets were carried about the sun; that the earth, as one of the planets, described an annual course about the sun, while by a diurnal motion it was in the meantime revolved about its own axis; and that the sun, as the common fire which served to warm the whole was fixed in the centre of the universe.”