David Bohm on Thought, Perception and Matter

Quotes from David Bohm, Thought as a System

p. 146 “Thought’s participation produces all sorts of things. And it effects perception – what you think affects what you perceive outside and how you feel inside.”

p. 146 “You see of feel something produced by thought, but then the next thought comes along and says ‘I’m only telling you the way it is’. Thought makes that claim, while it is actually affecting the way things are.”

p. 147 “Thought is part of a material process. … Thought can be conveyed by material processes such as radio waves, television, writing – all kinds of ways. In talking, sound goes out and conveys thought.”

p. 147-148 “We’re saying that thought is a material process; it has reflexes that just go on by themselves. And if you have an insight or perception that this is true, then that will actually affect you. An insight or a perception of truth may deeply affect the material processes, which includes all the reflexes.”

p. 148 “We discussed yesterday that matter may be infinitely subtle. Science doesn’t know all about it, and probably never will. But matter is not just mechanical. Therefore, it could respond to that perception in very deep and subtle ways which may be beyond what science could even trace. So there can be a change.”

p. 150 “But our whole set of reflexes is against that. It says ‘thought is not a material process’. Our first reflex is: ‘Thought is far beyond matter, or separated from matter somehow. It has some spiritual truth or significance.’ This notion has been conditioned into us as a reflex.”

p. 200 “The thoughts, the fantasies and the collective fantasies are entering perception. Myth are collective fantasies, and every culture has its myths. Many of them entering perception as if they were perceived realities. Everybody has a somewhat different way in which this happens, and we don’t see the fact. That is the fact: that we don’t see the fact. There is a higher order of fact – which is that we are not seeing the direct fact.”