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A question sent to the everything-list. I have listened to Sean Carroll’s Big Picture. His world view is actually similar to the Game of Life, well, the rules are a bit more complicated. Below is the link to the equation that he proposes. Carroll claims that his equation describes human beings as well. He […]

From Ilia Delio, Artificial Intelligence and Christian Salvation: Compatibility or Competition?, New Theology Review, November 2003. p. 45 “Antje Jackelén furthers the religious argument by suggesting that A.I. technology has messianic dimensions. She writes: “When John the Baptist was in prison and heard what Jesus was doing, he sent his disciples to ask, “Are […]

Below there are quotes from and small comments to Carlos Hernández, Ricardo Sanz and Ignacio López Consciosusness in Cognitive Architectures A Principled Analysis of RCS, Soar and ACT-R See also p. 13 “A possible path to the solution of the increasing control software complexity is to extend the adaptation mechanism from the core […]

A link from my discussion on Linkedin “MIND|CONSTRUCT is developing a ‘strong-AI engine’, a so called AI-mind, that can be used in (human-like) robotics, healthcare, aerospace sciences and every other area where ‘conscious’ man-machine interaction is of any importance. The MIND|CONSTRUCT organization is the culmination of many years in AI-research and the so called […]

My messages to the everything-list: 03.02.2012 21:23: Craig’s position that computers in the present form do not have emotions is not unique, as emotions belong to consciousness. A quote from my favorite book Jeffery A. Gray, Consciousness: Creeping up on the Hard Problem The last sentence from the chapter “10.2 Conscious computers?” p. 128 […]

Jason Resch on the everything list maked a link to a nice video 20.01.2012 02:34 Jason Resch: “Some have argued that cars are alive. They evolve, consume, move, reproduce and so on. While they are dependent on humans for reproduction, we too depend on a a very specific environment to reproduce. Much like viruses.” Lee Cronin: […]

Two nice video from the course Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Unsupervised Learning: Dimensionality Reduction)

A message to the everything-list. I have attended a class Introduction to AI and there are two interesting videos from it about self-driving cars: Part 1 Part 2 I have no idea if this are Lobian machines or not (such a term has not been mentioned in the class, it looks like that engineers […]