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  • Mathematics as the result of natural selection

    “In the past decades, recent paradigm shifts in ethology, psychology, and the social sciences have given rise to various new disciplines like cognitive ethology and evolutionary psychology. These disciplines use concepts and theories of evolutionary biology to understand and explain the design, function and origin of the brain. I shall argue that there are several […]

  • What are atheists for?

    Dominic Johnson, What are atheists for? Hypotheses on the functions of non-belief in the evolution of religion, Religion, Brain & Behavior, Vol. 2, No. 1, February 2012, 48-99 “An explosion of recent research suggests that religious beliefs and behaviors are universal, arise from deep-seated cognitive mechanisms, and were favored by natural selection over human […]

  • On the difference between man and all other animals

    J. B. S Haldane, Julian Huxley, Animal biology, 1927 “The one great difference between man and all other animals is that for them evolution must always be a blind force, of which they are quite unconscious; whereas man has, in some measure at least, the possibility of consciously controlling evolution according to his wishes.” I […]

  • Hinshelwood, bacteria and biologists

    Hinshelwood is a famous chemist (Nobel price for kinetics of chain reactions). He also spent the considerable time on research of the growth of bacterial cells. From his biography: “Shortly before the 1939-45 war, Hinshelwood began work on the growth of bacterial cells. For some time he had been thinking about applying kinetic measurements and […]

  • Microbial genomics challenge Darwin

    Microbial genomics challenge Darwin Collection of 14 papers. Editors Didier Raoult, Eugene V. Koonin. Front. Cell. Infect. Microbiol. 2012. Editorial: Microbial genomics challenge Darwin Didier Raoult, and Eugene V. Koonin Different approaches: Raoult: radical upstaging of the Darwinian paradigm. Forterre and Gupta: conservative view. Koonin and Wolf: strives to balance the radical and the […]

  • Why Pigs Don’t Have Wings

    My comments to the everything-list while discussing Fodor’s paper Why Pigs Don’t Have Wings!topic/everything-list/xcBi6v8SAg4 ———————– To understand Fodor’s answer it is necessary to understand his argument. Shortly: 1) Natural selection is assumed to be unintentional. It just happens but it does not has a goal. 2) The existence of coextensive traits in the organism […]

  • Depressive views of Jacques Monod

    Lately I have met the name of Jacques Monod several times with respect to his depressive views on nature of mankind. Below is information about him from books and papers that I have read. I. Prigogine and I. Stengers, The new alliance, Scientia 112 (1977) Epigraph to the paper. J. Monod. “The ancient alliance has […]

  • Entropy and Evolution of Biological Systems

    I have received a comment from Prof Gladyshev to I have browsed three his papers available at MDPI: [1] Georgi P. Gladyshev, Thermodynamic Theory of Biological Evolution and Aging. Experimental Confirmation of Theory, Entropy 1999, 1(4), 55-68; doi:10.3390/e1040055 [2] Georgi P. Gladyshev, On Thermodynamics, Entropy and Evolution of Biological Systems: What Is Life from […]