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My emails to biosemiotics list (Conformons as the sound of cell). 13.05.2013 09:42 Not sufficient in this respect just means that one does not have enough computing power to employ the Theory-Of-Everything directly. You should read The Grand Design: “Though we feel that we can choose what we do, our understanding of the molecular basis […]

From my discussion. 15.04.2013 19:47 The modern science seems to have strong roots in Christianity. You may want to look at Edward Dolnick, The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World The book nicely shows that god has played the crucial role in the scientific revolution of the […]

In the discussion after my comments to The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow: I have asked what it looks like to be a pattern in the Game of Life (the analog of the Theory-of-Everything in The Grand Design). John Clark has compared in this respect the Theory-of-Everything with the rules of Chess. […]

Recently I have listened to The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow and below there are a few comments. The book starts with that philosophy is dead. “Traditionally these are questions for philosophy, but philosophy is dead. Philosophy has not kept up with modern developments in science, particularly physics. Scientists have become the bearers […]

Richard Dawkings “But doesn’t a truly scientific, mechanistic view of the nervous system make nonsense of the very idea of responsibility, whether diminished or not? Any crime, however heinous, is in principle to be blamed on antecedent conditions acting through the accused’s physiology, heredity and environment. Don’t judicial hearings to decide questions of blame […]

On the everything list Brent has mentioned that I note that Hawking and Mlodinow recently suggested that we might accept a kind of patch-work set of theories of the world, rather than insisting on a single coherent theory. Then he has made a link to the review of a new book: Hawking & Mlodinow: No […]