Descartes’s Philosophy: “Made in Bavaria”

Maarten Hoenen at the end of his lecture about Descartes has mentioned that according to Schelling the modern philosophy has started its way in Bavaria.

Antike und mittelalterliche Philosophie (14. Vorlesung)

I have found Schelling’s quote from the lecture in Internet

Descartes’s Philosophy: “Made in Bavaria”

A special peculiarity lies for us in the fact that this beginning of completely free philosophy was, to all appearances, made in Bavaria, that, therefore, the foundation of modern philosophy was laid here.”

However the reason was

In 1619, when he returned to the camp from Frankfurt, from the coronation of Ferdinand II, he had his winter quarters in a place on the Bavarian border, where he, as he says, found no one with whom he would have liked to converse, and there he conceived (aged twenty-three) the first ideas of his philosophy, which he, however, published much later.”

Maarten Hoenen has stressed this with pleasure as he is working in Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg.